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Product return form

When returning goods, the completed return form must always be used. If another form of return documentation is used, this must contain the same information. The return must as far as possible be made in original packaging, complete with accessories, and enclosed invoice copy. Note that electronically exposed components must be submitted antistatically correctly, as when the product was delivered from new. We reserve the right to set off any eventuality. value loss the product has suffered according to the sales and delivery terms.

Return packages must be visibly labeled RETUR and sent to the following address:

Compumail ApS
Høgemosevænget 1
8380 Trige

Your information

Bank information

Please note that if the orderhas been paid using a card, the money will be transferred back to the given account.

Order info

Return label has a cost of 50,- DKK will be deducted from the total sales price.

Enter invoice number, el. order number and account number.
You can find all the information on your invoice in the upper right corner under the word "Invoice"
- The invoice number just below bold
- Alm. order number below date (if there are two order numbers, it is the last one after the slash you have to write, otherwise just one that says there)
- Account number two lines down.

Product info