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Our Goals

Our goal is to become one of the best IT distributors in Denmark for both private and small businesses. That's why we always try to be more effective and better at our work, and each day we get a little closer to our goal.

As a customer that means, every single day we find new products on our webshop, just like you can be sure, that we always optimize our product range, so that it follows the trends and development in the market.

We also have an incredibly effective salesdepartment, whom every day completes inquiries the fastest, most effective and smooth way possible, which makes us one of the fastest when it comes to sales inquiries.

At Compumail ApS we've got more than 250.000 products which ofcourse comes with a long list of producers, which we cooperate with, some of the most important is:

  • Lenovo
  • Brother
  • TRNEDnet
  • Acer
  • Havit
  • AGM
  • Nordic
  • Nordic Gaming
  • Ozone
  • Cooler Master
  • MSI
  • And many, many more.


Because of our relationship to DCS ApS we've got access to our own PC-production, which each day produces custom-configured PC's for private, IT-merchants and events in the entire North. Our large amount of experience with PC-production means, that we can deliver a PC to almost all needs - and our employees is experts in this topic, who helps you to the finest on this topic.

Configurate your new PC by pressing "PC-Configurator" or by clicking here.

At Compumail ApS we're looking forward to welcome you as another happy customer.

business information

  • Compumail ApS
  • Høgemosevænget 1
  • 8380 Trige
  • Telefon: +45 70 252 250
  • CVR-nummer: 26 68 60 91

opening hours


monday - friday


monday - friday

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same day delivery

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We're located in Trige, just north of Aarhus, where we have our administration and our 4.500 m2 storage facilities, which contains more than 8.000 different products, ready for shipment.

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