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Makita BL1850B Batteri Litiumion 5Ah

Makita BL1850B - Batteri - Li-Ion - 5 Ah - 90 Wh - for Makita DCS553, DGA514, DGA901, DHP482, DHS630, DLW140, DLX3179, DML806, DML815; LXT DBN500
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  • Product no 995722258

    Model BL1850B

    Brand Makita
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    EAN 0088381459129

    Weight 0.63 kg

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Produktbeskrivelse Makita BL1850B batteri - Li-Ion
Produkttype Batteri
Batteri Litiumion - 5 Ah - 90 Wh
Designet for Makita BBO180, BJV180, BPJ180, DBO180, DCS553, DDF487, DFR551, DGA514, DGA901, DHK180, DHP453, DHP482, DHR182, DHS630, DJR182, DJS101, DJV180, DJV181, DJV182, DKP180, DLM330, DLM534, DLW140, DLX3179, DML806, DML815, DML816, DPB181, DTD172, DTW180, DUC307, DUR368, HR1841, RP1800, RP1801; LXT DBN500
Designed For Power tool
Product Type Battery
Power Device
Features Shock absorbing
Capacity 5 Ah - 90 Wh
Recharge Time 45 min
Technology Lithium ion
Voltage Provided 18 V
Compatibility Information
Designed For Makita 1806B, BBO180RFE, BBO180RFJ, BJR181RF, BJV180RF, BJV180RF1J, BPJ180RFE, BPJ180Z, DBO180RFE, DBO180Z, DCS553RTJ, DDF487RFE3, DFR551RTJ, DGA514ZJU1, DGA901ZKU2, DHK180, DHP453RFEW, DHP482ZJ, DHR182Z, DHR182ZJ, DHS630Z, DJR181RFE, DJR181Z, DJR182