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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo

933,00DKK excl. VAT 746,40DKK

Huawei AF15 Selfie Stick Statyw Black Bl...

166,00DKK excl. VAT 132,80DKK

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

800,00DKK excl. VAT 640,00DKK

GoPro Head Strap + QuickClip - Støttesys...

  • Product no 988239030
  • Model ACHOM-001
  • Brand GoPro
120,00DKK excl. VAT 96,00DKK

Harness mount for Muvi HD

  • Product no 988199764
  • Model VCC-A016-HSM
  • Brand Veho
184,00DKK excl. VAT 147,20DKK

Veho Muvi Universal Pole/Bar Mount for B...

  • Product no 995029047
  • Model VCC-A017-UPM
  • Brand Veho
139,00DKK excl. VAT 111,20DKK

Veho MUVI Large Pole/Bar Mount - Støtte...

  • Product no 988199770
  • Model VCC-A025-LPM
  • Brand Veho
177,00DKK excl. VAT 141,60DKK

Veho Muvi 3 Way Monopod with Extended Ar...

  • Product no 995029057
  • Model VCC-A046-3HG
  • Brand Veho
244,00DKK excl. VAT 195,20DKK

Veho Muvi Hand Strap for Muvi K-Series C...

  • Product no 995029060
  • Model VCC-A048-HS-LRG
  • Brand Veho
143,00DKK excl. VAT 114,40DKK

Veho Muvi X-Pack wearable hands free mou...

  • Product no 995029053
  • Model VCC-A040-XP
  • Brand Veho
874,00DKK excl. VAT 699,20DKK

Veho Muvi Universal Suction mount with c...

  • Product no 995029049
  • Model VCC-A020-USM
  • Brand Veho
177,00DKK excl. VAT 141,60DKK